Monday, October 16, 2017

See the photos of Ruff in action

More than a few words have been written about the magnetic attraction Ruff seems to have on women and girls. And when he fails to get the response that he wants he becomes very persistent. Even after he lost his eyesight he still knows when he is in the presence of a woman and he gets very affectionate. And here are two photos to prove it. The lady's name is Tara and she is a Registered Nurse that my health insurance provider has been sending to my home for weekly visits. When Ruff first met her he kept trying to give her kisses but she resisted. Last week as soon as she sat down on the couch Ruff casually climbed up and laid down next to her.
Not bad for an old blind dog. But Ruff is not just any dog, he is a Rottweiler and that makes all the difference.


Some new stuff to add to the catch up

Our wonderful vacation in California
Our memorable California vacation. Starting in Los Angeles and ending in San Francisco, our second trip took in Sequoia National Park and a swing back to Yosemite. There are 5 entrances into Yosemite and we went tru all of them including Tioga Pass which is almost 10,000 ft above sea level. Amazing how crystal clear the air was up there. Before we left we stayed for a few days at the Holiday Inn in Chinatown and ate all of our meals from menus that used English as a second language and even ate in one restaurant that didn't even have English translations on the menu. And we enjoyed some of the best Chinese cooking we ever tasted.
No one can visit Yosemite without buying one of their famous Go Climb A Rock t-shirts and you cannot leave without climbing a rock to justify it.
Besides enjoying the gorgeous mountain scenery in Yosemite, Jacqueline had a strong taste for mountain stream water. It seemed like we were stopping the car every time we passed a stream so she could run out and fill up a jar. I jokingly reminded her that bears were peeing in it upstream.

Back to the present. Its holiday time.
Just wondering, is it time yet?

I love holidays so much I start planing way too early. Hard to believe that Halloween is still two weeks away. Gee, I made these scary pumpkin faces years ago and just noticed I created a Wonder Woman fang design with the WW logo.

More to come.

Catching up with some long delayed posts.

I hate to dwell on the subject but crappy health has been keeping me indoors way too much. And every time I turn around I find Ruff and Bessie taking naps behind me like this small den has become their new whole world. 

So while I have been posting little tidbits on my Facebook page to keep my Rottie fans happy, I have been reminiscing about a lot of the good old days. Here is a recap of some of my posts.
Memories of some wonderful vacations while working for Pan Am
Memories are made of this. 30 years working for Pan Am gave us some of the best vacation trips anyone could ask for. Flying Stand-By in First Class was as memorable an experience as the destinations themselves. Modern day flying with plastic-wrapped meals cannot compare to the delight of having a Flight Attendant arrive at your seat with a serving cart and cutting board like the first photo. So off to our first destination: Hawaii.
On to the Island of Kauai a most unexpected find, The Grand Canyon of the Pacific. And our helicopter ride hit all the right notes when it swooped over it.

The Nightly Sign Off
Signing off at the end of the day has given me a chance to share some of the many photos of our sleeping beauties. 

Its getting very late and I'll have to say Good Night. Ruff is already sound asleep and I have to wake him to get him into his bed.
Well, another day has come to an end. So its time to call it a night. Good Night everyone.

And some lighter notes.
 I just found another photo of me singing to one of my Rottweilers. It so happens its also Sassy who was also in the previous singing photo. In both cases it looks spontaneous so I cannot explain it but she was a special little girl. Both photos were taken in 2007.
And in the meantime there is this
My two constant companions have taken up residence in my den because that's where we spend most of the day. They sleep snuggled up together and sometimes Bess wiggles her way under my computer table to dose off to sleep.

More catch up to come

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Up close and personal

The phone rang and the kids woke up.

This is now two hours after they started their nap following lunch.

This is what goes on underneath my desk chair almost every day. It is actually the exception to the rule when I am able to get a photo of them not wrapped around the base of the chair.

The week that was, really wasn't very much.

Two bad combinations, lack of energy and uncomfortably hot and humid weather, have effectively caused all of us to turn into a trio of hermits. What is supposed to be the beginning of the Fall Season has turned into a drawn out mid-Summer hibernation. I had high hopes for Autumn a few weeks ago when I found two beautiful maple leafs in their glorious winter-red colors laying on the front lawn. I picked them up and brought them inside and scanned them and posted the picture on my Facebook page. And then things went downhill from there.
So what do we do when we have nothing to do? As I sit here at the computer writing this all I can hear are the soft sounds of snoring as my two sleeping beauties take an afternoon nap. It is likely to remain this way for a few more hours until its time to go out to the kitchen and prepare dinner. 

Just prior to their mid-afternoon slumber my two best friends had followed me out to their favorite hangout and we all enjoyed some lunch. I cooked a 5-minute quickie of homemade pizza with an idea I came up with a few months ago trying to decide what to do with all the leftover hamburger buns I had after grilling a single burger for dinner. 

You can't buy a package of buns that has less than 8 of them and unless you like hamburgers a lot the unused bag of buns often goes to waste. It was a moment of inspiration combined with the fact that I conveniently had a pot of spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator and a package of Provolone cheese. 

The trick was to turn the squishy-soft hamburger bun into a crispy thin pizza crust so I took the two halves of the buns and pressed them flat and put them on the stove in a pan and heated them up until they were brown. Then I topped them with a tablespoon of sauce and a slice of the cheese I had and nuked them in the microwave for a minute.

That crude invention has undergone a few changes. I found a nice small toaster oven in Kroger one day for $39 and some small jars of real pizza sauce and some bags of pizza cheese. Now all I do is put the flattened bun halves in the toaster, after its been toasted I put a tablespoon of the pizza sauce and a small handful of cheese on top and finish it off in the toaster oven. 

Meanwhile I need to pay tribute to my two rotten kids. Their snoring is so soothing it actually makes me want to lean back in my chair and doze off with them.
But I have to post this first.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Today was Ruffin's special day

OK, first of all, every day in my house is Ruffin's Day. Even more so then it used to be before he lost his eyesight. But I have a story to tell here about a special treat that Ruff got. One that he has always enjoyed.
I picked up a flyer a few days ago from our local Pet Supplies Plus that said one of the local school cheerleader teams was going to give dog baths in their grooming section to raise money. I asked Ruff if he would like to have some girls give him a bath and he gave me the look that said he likes anything that girls do to him. 

So today I took Ruff for a much needed shampoo. Only after we got there I was surprised to find out it was the cheerleaders from the grade school, not the high school but Ruff didn't seem to mind at all. He just likes girls. All ages and sizes.
BTW, the last time Ruff got a bath by a bunch of girls it was an outdoor event at another charity fundraiser and everyone was smiling, too.