Sunday, December 10, 2017

Busy week, we had some snow and got to meet Santa

Stopped in Pet Supplies Plus this afternoon to restock the dog food and found Santa was paying them a visit. Since Bess has never seen Santa before we had our picture taken. Bess seemed to enjoy hearing people say she was beautiful. Bessie has become a people dog just like Ruff.
Yesterday we woke up to a dusting of snow which came back several times into last night. Total was less than one inch and it was mostly gone by today. This was the first dusting of snow the season and I wanted to catch Bessie's reaction so I brought my camera out with us. Bess had her own ideas and wanted to play a game of catch with her ball. I love to see her leaping into the air to catch it. We play this game every time we go out, even late at night, and I'm amazed how she manages to catch the ball in the dark.

Sometimes she misses but not very often.
Yesterday I also received my copy of Angie Ruiz's latest Rottweiler film "Forever Faithful". I'm very excited to watch it. I loved her first documentary "Black Beauty Breed". I am going to write a review as soon as I get to watch it. I am told it is a very sad film about a dog with cancer.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December is the month to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

I like to think that the entire month of December should be dedicated to spreading Christmas Cheer. Certainly most of our stores are already decorated and many homes are putting up their lights. So I'm getting a head start, too.

Here is our special Christmas card to everyone this year.
And the insert page.

Friday, December 1, 2017

A Rottweiler Christmas Story

This is a short story I wrote some years ago. I posted it on my blog every year during the Christmas Season. The format has been changed to fit the presentation on Facebook but I think it looks better now. I'm posting this early to get a head start on the season.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Holiday Season has begun.

Lots of catching up to do here. The preparations for Thanksgiving have come and gone and in spite of the crazy weather we need to turn our attention to the next big event. Christmas. So while I am making plans for our 2017 Christmas card project I need to recap the events of the past two weeks.
I know you all realize this has been a very bad year for us. The loss of the two most important members of our family have saddened us all. And I am constantly reminded of that by most of the photos I look at every day. Adding to our great sorrow is the current state of Ruffin's loss of eyesight. And one small fact that both Ruffin and Bessie now spend a large part of their day hanging out with me tells me they are just as lonely as I am.
We had a very special surprise this week.
Had a wonderful visit here on Tuesday with a very special lady. Theresa Howard and her husband Ray, drove in from Missouri to have Thanksgiving dinner with their family in Cincinnati and they wanted to stop by a see Ruffin. Ruff is one of Theresa's kids, as she calls them, she is the breeder I got him from 11 years ago.

And I think we have answered the big question about what makes Ruff so attracted to women. Someone suggested that Ruffin's memory was imprinted with the scent of the first person who picked him up and handled him. Today I found it went even further than that. Theresa told me she had to lay down in the whelping box to keep the babies warm because the Rottie mother wouldn't do it.

And yes, the minute Ruffin was hugged by Theresa he seemed to be stirred by some very old memory. I saw him react when he first got her scent.
And here is a photo of Theresa's canine family today and that gorgeous Rottweiler is Ruffin's sister. Theresa has plans to return to Cincinnati next year and I asked her to bring Ruffin's sister on her next visit.
For a few days before Thanksgiving the weather had gotten so cold I thought that Winter was coming early. The news from out West that snowfall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming had reached a historical high of 100 inches brought memories of some of our wonderful Winter scenes that our Rottweilers all enjoyed.
While these photos look like they belong on a Christmas card they are not the typical Winter scenes here in Kentucky. I read how people dread winter driving and I combined two very different photos to illustrate the point. The photo on the left is what we usually get for snow and the photo on the right is from Bear Tooth Hwy, Montana. I've never been there and didn't take that photo.
But once in awhile we do have a nasty visit from Mother Nature. I vividly remember the overnight ice storm on February 15, 2007. I stood outside around Midnight after the storm passed and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop except for the loud explosions of tree branches snapping under the weight of the ice.
Ruffin has always enjoyed the snow and the more we got the more he enjoyed it. And while the memories are strong and beautiful I wonder how he will take the new snow this year.
Funny to have to refocus my thoughts on Christmas as the weather outside has gone in the opposite direction. The temperature since Thanksgiving has been in the mid '50s and while we are changing seasons we need to take a look ahead.

Turkey Bird Day is over and we all know what's next. So here's a sample.
“How long do we gotta wear these funny hats?” Bessie asked. And Santa Daddy answered, “Only until Christmas.”
So now I must plan on our 2017 Christmas card. 


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Best Friend Forever just got another year older.

Ruffin had a birthday yesterday, November 13th, and he is now 11 years old. I baked him a meatloaf birthday cake, covered with mashed potato icing and we all shared it. 

But first I have to tell you how we spent our wonderful day paying tribute to our birthday boy.

On Sunday, I posted a notice on my Facebook page telling everyone what the plans were for the big day on Monday. I wanted to do something very special for Mr. Ruff and I thought up the idea of having an all-day photo marathon.
Then shortly after Midnight I signed off for the night with a photo of the birthday boy himself, in all his obscene shameless glory

Tuesday morning I started off with this first post.
Just a small historical note: On this day, November 13th, 11 years ago, the world's most handsome, gorgeous and beautiful Rottweiler was born. These are not my words describing Ruff, my best friend forever, these are the names he has been called by women when they first met him. 

So now the day-long marathon begins. Sad to say I do not carry my camera away from home too often.
An hour later I made the second post.
I have tried to understand Ruffin's attraction to women. The best reason I believe is he was raised by three females, my wife Jacqueline, and his foster mom's Mocha and Sassy. Someone recently commented that one other possibility was he was imprinted with the scent of the first person who handled him and that would be a breeder named Theresa Howard.
Now it was beginning to look like This Is Your Life, Ruff. So I retold the story about how much Ruff used to love watching The Wheel of Fortune on TV. Have I mentioned that years ago Ruff had a crush on Vanna White? Every night we all watched Wheel of Fortune and Ruff never took his eyes off of Vanna. No doubt he has very good taste in pretty girls.
Then I told the story about how came to love horses.
Just a side note to that last post about Ruff watching Wheel of Fortune. If you do a Google Image Search for "Rottweilers watching TV" you will see many more photos of Ruff. After the day when he kissed a horse Ruff was suddenly a big fan and all we had to say was "Horses on TV" and Ruff would run into the room to watch. So then we started to tune in the different horse races and Ruff would stand right up to the TV and sometimes leave his nose prints on the screen.
And some outdoor shots of macho man Ruff.
Ruff is an all-season Rottweiler. But he loves cold air and snow.
I know its a little early for mentioning Thanksgiving but a few years ago I bought some Rottweiler flags designed for different holidays and the flag for Thanksgiving looked just like Ruff.
But of course, by now you realize that Ruff is very photogenic. He has had so many photos taken of him that he starts posing when he sees the camera.
And then at dinner time we celebrated Ruff's birthday and we all had a feast. And I must say I cook a very tasty meatloaf. All of my Rottweilers think I am a very good cook.